History of Berean Baptist Church

The year was 1937. In 1937, a new car would cost you $675.00. Gasoline? 20 cents per gallon. A new house could be purchased for $6,600.00, and you only needed 3 cents to purchase a postage stamp. A loaf of bread was priced at 9 cents per loaf and milk was 50 cents per gallon, while the average annual salary was $1,700.00 per year. Needless to say, a lot has changed in 70 years.

Berean began on May 30, 1937. Dr. Louis Entzminger was sent out by First Baptist Church of Fort Worth with the hope of starting an independent Baptist Church in Houston. Under his leadership, a small band of believers began meeting in the Carpenter's Union Hall in downtown Houston. At one of the first meetings, Bro. Entzminger asked the small group of believers, “What shall we call ourselves?” A few names were discussed, but one name captured the hearts of the early members: Berean- a name derived from the noble saints of Berea mentioned in Acts 17 who “received the word with readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily.” From the beginning, Berean was founded upon a firm and strong commitment to the authority of the scriptures.

From the Carpenter’s Union Hall, they moved to a small building on Waugh Drive; then, in 1942, Berean moved to 1031 East 11th Street where she remained for 30 years. Berean moved to its current location on the North Freeway in 1972. Berean is a church rich in history. For 7 decades Berean has stood strong as a beacon of light and truth in the world- but what made Berean strong was not a building or its location- Berean has remained strong because of the faithful men and women who have served the Lord through the years and have passed their legacy on to the generations that followed.

A lot has happened in the past 70 years.  A lot of things and fads have come and gone, but God is still using Berean to make a difference in the world. The heritage of faithfulness that has been passed on by past generations is being passed on to faithful men and women who are serving the Lord today. Berean is full of life today, and God is doing something very special here! From the moment you walk through the doors, it’s obvious that God is at work at Berean. Families are anchoring their lives in the Lord and His church, children are being reached, lives are being changed, the Bible is being preached and God is being glorified!

For the past five years Berean has been experiencing revival unlike any other in recent memory. The church is growing and, along the way, God has miraculously provided for every need, He has helped us through every challenge, and He has blessed His church.

We look forward to what God has in store for us in the future! We are at the point of outgrowing our auditorium and have already outgrown our available classroom space. The need for more facilities to accommodate our growing church family is inevitable. We are already praying for God to provide the means and give us the right direction in this regard.

Praise God that He is raising up another generation of men and women to lead this church into the future. Our children’s ministries are growing, the youth ministry is growing, and our young adults ministry is growing. New families, old and young alike, are joining Berean. The future of our church is promising, and we look forward to what the future has in store. Our desire is to glorify God and change lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has been putting the pieces in place for many years in this wonderful church family, and we know that He will continue to do so for years to come. If you’re looking a church with a rich history and a place where you and your family can be anchored in the Lord and His word, then Berean is the place for you!