When people see our church we want them to understand we are sinners saved by God’s grace.  We do not see ourselves as better than anyone else, we’re just forgiven.

As we love God completely with our lives we want that love to spill out into the lives of others.

When people see our lives we want there to be no question about its origin-our life is found in Christ and we live by faith in Him.



Our relationship with God is the most important relationship.

We want everyone to experience the joy and lasting fulfillment that is found in a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

This relationship should constantly be growing, no child of God should ever think he or she “has arrived” spiritually but should nurture their relationship with God every day.

Our with others begins by building loving, genuine relationships with others through small groups. 

Life Connection Groups are a great way for people to connect with a group of believers at the same stage of life.

We also desire to build authentic relationships with those in need.



Long before the church existed, God instituted the family.

We believe that within the family is where real growth and spiritual development takes place.

We believe in the family. We want to build strong marriages and strong parents who will, by God’s grace, build strong families of character and conviction.

The church does not replace the family, we help the family. We also want to help families connect with other families.