One of the many ways we can worship the Lord is by giving to the Lord.  The purpose of this page to provide a secure, convenient way for you to give to the Lord's work through the ministries of Berean.  We encourage you to be responsible with credit cards and provide this method of giving only as a convenience.  The information you enter is secure and we do not maintain a record of your credit card information. If you have any questions, please email our Financial Administrator at 

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Step 1: Select a designation for your gift from the drop down menu.

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Once you do so you will be directed to another screen.  If you would like to give another gift with a different designation simply click "Continue Shopping."  You will be redirected to this screen where the process is repeated with a new designation.  If you are setting up a recurring donation for the first time, you should set up a new account below with a username and password.  This will allow you to log in to change the amounts and frequency and to review your donation history. 

Once you are finished giving, simply click the "Check Out " button on the next screen.  If you want to designate the offering for something not listed in the drop down menu, use the comment box below. 


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